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Schools are eligible to apply for membership, provided they feel they can meet the following standards for admission. An applicant school is asked to supply comprehensive basic data along with a brief description of the school - its program, facilities, character and organizational structure. School applications are taken into consideration by the Membership Committee of the ISA Board of Directors. A membership visit will be undertaken by a representative of the Executive Secretary at the school's expense before the school can be accepted.

A school shall have a clearly formulated set of objectives and an educational philosophy which shall be set forth in a written statement.

There shall be evidence that the school is actively striving for excellence.

The school staff (administrative, instructional, and supporting) shall be of
  such number and qualifications, and shall be so deployed as to provide satisfactorily for the school's operation.
The program of studies shall, in its overall content and design, its
  organizational arrangements, and its academic and instructional policies, represent a consistent and effective implementation of the school's objectives and philosophy.
The overall program, curricular and extra-curricular, shall be such as to
  provide students with the ingredients which, insofar as they are not provided by other sources available to them, are needed in the interests of general human development.
The school shall provide pupil personnel services for its students which
  include: (a) Maintenance of proper records; b) Well-planned and rehearsed procedures in cases of fire, accident, medical or other emergencies.
The school shall provide or arrange for such transportation, food,
  residence, or other services as are required in support of its program, and shall ensure that these services meet acceptable standards of health, safety and comfort.
Instructional materials and equipment shall be adequate in quantity
  and appropriate in type to fulfill the basic needs of the school's instructional program.
The school grounds, buildings, technical installations, basic furnishings,
  and supporting equipment shall be adequate for effective support of the total school program.
The financial resources and management of the school shall be capable
  of sustaining a sound educational program consistent with its stated philosophy and objectives.