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We are pleased to have discovered school boards that have recognized the fact that conventional education systems can neither ensure measurable development of personalities and potentials nor their sustainable growth. As to our opinion, a validated analysis of potentials is of utmost importance in order to be able to meet each child’s individual requirements. This evaluation serving as an initial position, a holistic approach can be achieved by offering a curriculum which is broadened beyond the regular systems and designed to match each child’s individual requirements. Corresponding course offerings will include languages, mathematics, arts, music, computer-science, physical education, etc. The courses support further development of pronounced qualities and personality profiles.

In the earlier stages of schooling, the primary object is to balance play and learning, assistance and independence, calmness and activity, individuality and solidarity, security and adventure, freedom and boundaries. The right blend offers the foundation for growth in competencies and self-confidence that allows each child to develop into a lively, able and self-dependent personality. This in turn is relevant for subsequent educational success. Our pedagogic concept consists of active encouragement of cognitive competencies and creativity, procurement of values and social competencies, responsibility for nature and environment as well as tolerance towards other cultures and ways of life.

To achieve an optimization in the current schooling systems we believe there is a need to address the following points:
Intercultural exchange
Acceptance and respect for foreign cultures
School-life balance
Enjoyment of learning
Evaluation of potentials
Support potentials with extracurricular courses
  and coachings
Awaken new interests
Evaluation and training of teachers
Evaluation of the school systems by authorized consultancies
Regulation based structural-design for optimized